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Nutrition support

Sometimes when you have been unwell it is difficult to maintain a healthy weight. If you have found that you are struggling to maintain your weight individualized advice can be provided to help you to prevent further weight loss. Supplement drinks can help in this area but knowing how to increase the protein and calories with food is a really good way of maintaining your weight when your appetite is small and you struggle with managing your normal sized meals.

You may have had surgery to your digestive system perhaps and be struggling to know what to eat or how changing your diet can help you with your symptoms. Please get in touch if you would like to know how help can be provided to help you maintain weight after surgery to your bowel – for example colostomy, ileostomy, resections (hemi-colectomy for example), gastrectomy and other surgery where your bowel has been removed. Changing your diet can also help with large output stomas and symptoms such as diarrhoea and dumping syndrome, so it is worth getting in touch!

You may have had gastrointestinal cancer treatment and find that symptoms are affecting your ability to eat, maintaining your weight is important and the types of food consumed can improve symptoms, help you to eat more and perhaps more importantly enjoy food again.