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Welcome to the Calm Gut Clinic website. Here you can find all the latest information from digestive diet problems, how to support your nutrition if you are losing weight unintentionally to diet for specific digestive complaints such as irritable bowel syndrome, coeliac disease, inflammatory bowel disease, surgery to the digestive tract, allergy and food intolerances. Please use the links above to find out more ways in which Calm Gut Clinic can help you! Calm Gut Clinic is run by Julie Thompson a HCPC registered dietitian.

Calm Gut Clinic also has an active facebook, pinterest and twitter page where you can get quick, professional and public responses and read Q&A’s from our other users. Alternatively you can use the quick form should you wish to get information about clinic appointments or working with Julie Thompson.

For people who attended a follow up appointment 82% achieved their desired outcome – this percentage is above the efficacy numbers found in research for the low fodmap diet, for example.

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